A new VC firm that seek's to address issues that perpetuate racial inequality in the U.S.

Goals of Lockstep Ventures
To Narrow the Funding Gap

Our goal is to invest in Black founders – an underrepresented and underserved talent pool that has historically received less than 1% of venture funding.

Fuel Growth and Create Wealth

To identify and curate (and sometimes build) businesses with meaningful products, services, and experiences that address systemic issues facing the under-served, multi-trillion-dollar Black community.

Re-Weigh the Calculus of Success

Emphasize investment in Black female entrepreneurs. As the largest growing segment of entrepreneurs, and historically, an undervalued segment, investors must actively seek out these founders and aim for the fund to be composed of Black women at ideally 50%.

Deliver Impact Metrics

Invest in companies that will create outcomes in areas of disparity including health, wealth, education, and justice/anti-recidivism.

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