Lockstep Ventures was conceived with the goal of reimagining equity and equality. Our mission is to address some of the most dire social-economic deficits that challenge communities of color in America while generating above market-rate returns.


Narrow The Funding Gap

To invest in founders of color -- an underrepresented and underserved talent pool that has historically received ~2% of venture funding.

Re-Weigh The Calculus Of Success

Leverage Lockstep's founders' deep expertise of startups, technology, and consumer marketing to accelerate growth and increase the success rate of portfolio companies.

Fuel Growth And Create Wealth

To identify and curate (and sometimes build) businesses with meaningful products, services and experiences which may address systemic issues facing the underserved, +$3.5 trillion-dollar diverse community.

Deliver Impact Metrics

Portfolio companies are reaching for our “North Star” to impact disparities in health, wealth, education and workforce development.